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Welcome to the hostel Naurava kulkuri!

I'm Merja, owner of the hostel Naurava Kulkuri.

I would like to welcome you to our personal and warm hostel in Hämeenlinna, which offers a pleasant experience that puts a smile on your face.

We cherish sustainable development and ecology in our hostel starting from the decoration of the rooms. Therefore you can stay overnight with a clear conscience.

Etusivu, olen Merja, Nauravan Kulkurin perustaja.

How we invest in ecology

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For the materials in the rooms, we have used as much natural wood as possible. We always prefer recycled and restored furniture. Some interior elements are also made of recycled materials.

Even the floors of the hostel are environmentally friendly. They are made from sustainably grown wood and have a core of ceramic mineral material. The floors are completely PVC and chlorine free and are 100% recyclable.

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Energy efficiency

All light fixtures have energy-saving bulbs. The showers are equipped with showerheads that reduce water consumption.

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Sorting of waste

The hostel has its own recycling point where we hope guests sort their waste according to the instructions. The waste is delivered to local waste recycler. We sometimes deliver clean jars and bottles to nearby day care centres for children’s arts and craft projects.

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We only choose products with the Swan label (Nordic eco label) for environmental friendliness. The kitchens also contain a detergent made from vinegar and lemon in a spray bottle for cleaning.

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Getting around

In Hämeenlinna, the distances are short. We offer bicycles for guests to use.

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